Launched in 2011, orwellsociety.com exists to support and promote the work of the newly established Orwell Society. The society has been set up to create a means by which anyone can become better acquainted with, and share their appreciation for, the life and work of George Orwell. Those joining the society have exclusive access to the discussion forum on this site – and will be invited to the AGM, at which a talk in Orwell’s honour will be given, as well as to other events the society succeeds in organising over the coming months and years. Full details of joining can be found above.

Featured articles

Ben Whitaker, Orwellian campaigner: A tribute

Ben Whitaker, a highly valued member of the George Orwell Society and a tireless promoter of the campaign for a statue of Orwell to be placed outside BBC Broadcasting House, has died aged 79. He will now sadly miss the …

Second Orwell Society Walk in central London 27th September 2014

George Orwell’s London I am pleased to announce that Orwell Society member Michael King, who is an experienced guide for tours on a number of Authors including of course, George Orwell, has offered to lead a tour in central London …

Dystopian fiction prize to commemorate Nineteen Eighty-Four anniversary

To commemorate the 65th anniversary of the publication of George Orwell’s great dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Orwell Society is organising a competition for students (both BA and MA) at British universities. Dystopian narratives of 3,000 words should be sent …

Shooting an Elephant, word-cloud

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