Launched in 2011, orwellsociety.com exists to support and promote the work of the newly established Orwell Society. The society has been set up to create a means by which anyone can become better acquainted with, and share their appreciation for, the life and work of George Orwell. Those joining the society have exclusive access to the discussion forum on this site – and will be invited to the AGM, at which a talk in Orwell’s honour will be given, as well as to other events the society succeeds in organising over the coming months and years. Full details of joining can be found above.

Featured articles

Orwell: Failure and Fun

Most critics tend to focus on Orwell’s fascination with failure. But let’s not forget his humorous side, argues Richard Lance Keeble George Orwell was a very complex character full (like most of us) of contradictions. Critics of his life and …

International Brigade Memorial Trust – Annual IBMT Len Crome Memorial Conference

Guernica: the destruction of a town and the creation of a masterpiece Speakers: Gijs van Hensbergen, Nicholas Rankin, Helen Little and Manuel Moreno Date: Saturday 7th March 2015 Time: 11 am – 5 pm (optional meal in the evening). Venue: …

George Orwell: The Cultural Icon of Today

Richard Lance Keeble examines the extraordinary continuing presence of George Orwell and “Orwellian” in Fleet Street today George Orwell is nothing less than a cultural icon. Indeed, the persistence of George Orwell and “Orwellian” as reference points in contemporary mass …

Shooting an Elephant, word-cloud

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