Christopher Hitchens’s introduction to George Orwell’s diaries is published

Vanity Fair, the magazine for which Hitchens was a columnist until his death last year, has published a preview of the late essayist’s foreword to Orwell’s diaries.

An introduction to the diaries of George Orwell by the late essayist Christopher Hitchens has been published in Vanity Fair, in which Hitchens explores everything from Orwell’s “self-education away from such prejudices” as his dislike of Jews, to the events which gave rise to his novel of a dystopian future, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The Orwell diaries, released in the UK in 2010, are set to be published for the first time in America next month, complete with an introduction from Hitchens, an author who has been described as “the finest English essayist since Orwell”.

Full article over at The Guardian.

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